E-Learning and Technology
E - Learning @TUO...a stategic priority

Apii Te Uki Ou has made a significant commitment to leading E-Learning and Technology within Cook Islands education.

We believe that e learning and technology will help equip our students with the skills they require in becoming collaborative, connected & contributing 21 century learners.

We are the first Primary School to introduce a Student Management System called “e-Tap”. This is web-hosted and is available anywhere/anytime provided you have an internet connection.

It is New Zealand Ministry of Education accredited, roll return approved, eAR (paperless attendance) approved, ENROL integration, EN (truancy early notification) approved, Student Progress Assessment and Reporting accredited, SRT (Student Record Transfer) enabled, and a powerful planning tool for teachers.

During 2016 we introduced @school. This is a parent portal enabling parents and guardians to log in and access information about their child, their child’s learning and the school.

The school has completed a major upgrade of it’s network. Dedicated Cat 6 cabling is now run to every room where an independent hard wired and wireless Mirotik unit operates ensuring seamless connectivity to multiple devices. This allows proper reliable access across all rooms and much greater security. We now have unlimited internet access.

Now this is all in place we are committed to fundraising activities to ensure each classroom and the pre-school has various devices (iPads, laptops, tablets, etc).

We currently have a range of I.T. equipment in the school, including one to one laptop use for our year 7 and 8 students. These are used to enhance our teaching and learning programmes, including our Inquiry Topics for research, recording and presenting new learning in authentic ways.

Our teaching staff are all highly I.T. literate and integrate technology into their classroom practice wherever appropriate. We seek ongoing professional development from the Ministry of Education
when and if needed.

BYOD is welcomed for our senior classes.

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