Senior School
Seniors at Mitiaro in 2013...a brilliant experience!

Te Uki Ou is great place to be a senior student as our Year 7 and 8 are confident and enthusiastic learners who are well preprepared for life at college.

At TUO we aim to encourage their thirst for knowledge by providing them with necessary skills and knowledge that enables them to become contributing citizens now and for the future.

Our school motto is “Akara ki Mua” which literally means moving forward, looking forward or as a school we have adapted to ‘Learning for Tomorrow.’

Our senior students become leaders of the school as Ambassadors and this is a role which they take very seriously and with pride as it promotes our Apii Te Uki Ou Way & the school core values.

Curriculum Delivery:

We offer current and up to date curriculum delivery of the core subjects of Numeracy, Literacy, and Inquiry with a focus on e-Learning & IT integration.

Specialisation Subjects:

We are currently in the process of establishing a Science and Food Technology modern learning space. We are also able to provide term by term specialisation topics that are determined from the inquiry process of learning which can be in the form of hard materials or soft materials or food technology.
IT, Science and Art we have integrated into our curriculum as a weekly subject.

EOTC (Education Outside the Classroom):

We offer off island camping experiences for our year 8 students every year. We are also very active out and about in the community, participating in varied field trips throughout the year, depending on the topic of study at the time.

In Year 7 and 8 at Apii Te Uki Ou you can expect that our students will leave TUO with the skills to be prepared and ready for the challenges that they will meet. They learn to make the right choices for themselves, to become productive and successful citizens that their school and families can be proud of, and to always strive to be active life long learners.

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