Reporting to Parents

It is our fundamental belief that by encouraging close working relationships with parents and families, our students typically achieve and progress at higher rates.

Our Reporting to Parents Programme is one aspect of how this is achieved.

This programme consists of:

Term 1 – Interim School Reports go home a week prior and then a Student Led Conference is held where short term and long term gaols are set. These are held at the end of Term 1.

Term 2 – These goals are worked on and parents are welcome to make a time throughout this term for an update. Teachers will contact parents if there is a need or lack of progress.

Term 3 – Student Led Conferences are held towards the end of Term 3. This updates learning progress and where the goals set are at.

Term 4 – Final Report goes home in 2nd to last week of the year. This is a detailed report and will align with the Interim Report, Student Led Conferences and importantly should hold no surprises.

To further enhance the information parents have we are planning to create a Parent Portal login to our web based Student Management System in 2015. This will allow parents access to assessment data, learning support info, attendance rates and much more as we build the content of our data base on e-TAP.

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