Our History
TUO Pre-School at Aotearoa Hostel 1995...who do you recognise?

Apii Te Uki Ou has a unique history for a school that has only just celebrated its 25th Birthday.

A group of our past Year 7 & 8 students did a study on our school and its history.

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Did you know we had a whale stranded at our schools beach?

A Cuviers Beaked Whale named “Kakera” came over the reef on July 17th, 2007 directly in front of Te Uki Ou School in Ngatangiia, Rarotonga.

Despite efforts to keep her alive, she died shortly after she was found in the shallow water. The children assisted whale biologist Nan Hauser and her team with the necropsy. She was blessed and buried on the shore.

Her cause of death is unknown.

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Over time we will be adding more information to this section. Please send through any historic information that would assist and feel free to email links or scanned photos. Meitaki!

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