Meet the Staff
Brendon Fiebig - Principal

Kia orana, my name is Brendon Fiebig. I am extremely honoured and privileged to be the principal of Apii Te Uki Ou. I am married to Janine, our Room 5 teacher, and have two children; George (Room 3) and Emily (Room 4).
I was employed at the Cook Islands Ministry of Education during 2011/12 and found I couldn’t stay away!. I am now thrilled to be part of your community.
You can be assured that the staff and I will do all in our power to ensure the students of Apii Te Uk Ou receive the best education they can, and be all they can be, by maximising their potential and achieving to the best of their abilities.

Janine Fiebig - Year 2

Kia Orana my name is Janine Fiebig. My family and I have returned to Rarotonga after three years back in Auckland, New Zealand.
I am a proud mother of three children, two of which attend Apii Te Uki Ou.
Having lived here and taught at Apii Te Uki Ou in 2011 and 2012, we missed the lifestyle, culture and warmth (friendships and weather!) that the Cook Islands offers.
My interests include painting, cooking, running and Crossfit.
I am a passionate and experienced junior room teacher who loves to see children reach their full academic potential. It is a pleasure to be teaching at Apii Te Uki Ou.

Teiaa Potoru - Te Reo Teacher

Kia Orana kotou katoatoa i te aroa maata o to tatou Atua ko Iesu Mesia.
My name is TeiA Mataara Teuira Potoru – known to many here at Apii Te Uki Ou as Ms P or Maine Potoru. I am originally from the beautiful island of the birds called ENUAMANU or ATIU.
In 2001, I started my journey here at Apii Te Uki Ou and I was the first student from Cook Islands Teaching Institute to take a position at Apii Te Uki Ou. Almost 14yrs later I am still here doing what I am passionate about. I enjoy singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, reading and being with my family and friends. Kia Orana e Kia Manuia… Te Atua te Aroa no tatou Katoatoa

Tata Potoru

Kia Orana my name is Tangata Potoru but most people at Te Uki Ou know me as Aunty Tata.
I am the older, smarter and better looking sister of Teiaa Potoru…but she thinks it is the other way around (ha!).
I love the children of Te Uki Ou, my church, my family, singing and a good kai kai. Did you know I was once the third fastest runner in a race around Rarotonga…man I could run.
At Te Uki Ou I Teacher Aide, teach Maori Culture and help the Principal Mr F…he is the best!

Tina Mitchell - Office Manager

Kia Orana, my name is Tina Mitchell and I am so excited and passionate to teach (oops sorry) to be working in the office at Apii Te Uki Ou. It is a privilege to be working at the school, where I have the pleasure of meeting everyone, seeing the amazing children every day, and working with some great people. The Board of Governors are not so bad either! My number one passion is being a mother to three beautiful girls and for many years outrigger canoeing, Cook Islands dancing and singing. This will be my second year to be working at the school. Looking forward to your support!
Kia Manuia

Amy Koekemoer: Kotuku Year 5 & 6

Amy Koekemoer: Kotuku Year 5 & 6

Mark Harris: Kota'a Year 7 & 8

Mark Harris: Kota’a Year 7 & 8

Ella Rose: Kuramo'o Year 6 & 7

I’m very excited to teach your son/daughter this year having just moved to Rarotonga from New Zealand. I love the outdoors and especially the ocean, which is one of the reasons I was attracted to the Cook Islands. My hobbies are scuba diving, surfing, skiing, reading, beach volleyball, and spending time with friends and family. I’m passionate about drama and science and I’m excited to share my knowledge. I’m looking forward to getting to know you and your families.

Chanel Prasad: Kukupa Year 4 & 5

Chanel Prasad: Kukupa Year 4 & 5

Kathryn Piesse: Kopeka Year 3 & 4

Kathryn Piesse: Kopeka Year 3 & 4

I’m from Rotorua, New Zealand, although I have lived in many cities throughout New Zealand. I’ve been teaching for 8 years, including one year in the U.K. My three grown children are busy travelling and working. I’m looking forward to getting involved in the sporting scene in Rarotonga.

Rachel Nicholls: Kakaia Year 2 & 3

I visited the school in September last year, and spent three weeks in Kakerori with Mrs Fiebig. Because of this I know most of Kakaia already, and have been so excited to come back to see everyone again! I have also been eager to meet the new members of our Apii Te Uki Ou community, and I’d like to welcome you to our school and Kakaia’s classroom.

I have moved to Rarotonga from Melbourne, Australia, where I have lived all my life. Some of my passions include playing sports (particularly netball), reading, the visual arts and travelling to experience new cultures. I came to the Cook Islands with my family when I was a child, and it has always been a dream of mine to return!

Anita Hawkins: Kuriri Year 1

I am a New Zealand trained teacher and have most recently spent two years teaching in America. This will be my fifth year teaching and I am so excited to be back in the South Pacific! Prior to my professional teaching career, I was a swimming instructor for 15 years and I look forward to getting all of my students in the water as part of our sports programme. I am an avid netball player and love everything outdoors (scuba diving, hiking, team sports), as well as spending time with friends.

Shannon Harris: Learning Support Teacher

Kia Orana, my name is Shannon Harris. I feel extremely fortunate to be a part of the Te Uki Ou team. I have shifted to Rarotonga with my husband Mark, teaching in Kota’a, and our boys Jaia (Year 5 – Kotuku) and Jasper (Year 1 – Kuriri). We come from Gisborne, New Zealand and have a love of the outdoors. We are loving the Cook Island lifestyle, climate and friendly people.
I am the Learning Support Teacher and will endeavour to provide students with the support they need to help them reach their learning goals. I am passionate about ICT, the Arts, Inquiry, Environmental Education and strongly promote inclusive learning environments.

Jutta Camphausen: Kura, ECE Head Teacher

Kia orana,
I am the lucky ECE teacher to be chosen to run the potiki together with Aunty Saireni. I was born and raised in Germany but lived in New Zealand (Auckland) for 10 years. I am passionate about teaching young children as I believe the early years are a very special time for children to learn and develop in a holistic & playful way. I hold a Masters degree in education from Germany and a ECE Graduate Diploma from New Zealand. I have worked for approximately 10 years in the early childcare sector with experience as a Supervisor, Head teacher and Manager. I am looking forward getting to know you all so much better.

Apii Te Uki Ou, Ara Tapu, Ngatangiia District, Rarotonga, Cook Islands
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